As humans, our natural tendency is to overcomplicate things.  I’m guilty of it every single day.  But on a recent winter walk with my dog, as I watched her play in the snow and roll around like a crazy person, I realized that I needed to learn to be more like my dog.   She’s happy as long as she gets some love, is fed, and exercises regularly.  I’m the exact same way – as long as I’m not hungry, I’m feeling loved and I can move my body, I actually feel pretty good.

So, why do I complicate my happiness and expect it to come from other things – material things, achievements, outside recognition.  My happiness is rooted in the right things and I am reminded today that I need to celebrate that.  The things that really matter are the things that I have full control over.  So instead of overcomplicating my happiness, I’m committing to celebrating the simple things that create happiness.   The love of my family and friends, my gratitude for everything I have, the food that I’m able to nourish my body with, and that I am healthy and able to move my body every day.

Let’s all take a step back and really take a look at the simplicity that can exist in our happiness.  Let’s not overthink it and take a lesson from our dogs – What really makes you happy?