I get a question a lot when I’m networking and coaching people. What scares you the most? I believe people ask me this for two different reasons:

  1. They see my confidence in what I do and think that I must not have fears.
  2. They want to know if we have any fears in common.

The truth is I have fear every day. Some days it’s bigger than others, some days it’s full-on panicky fear, and some days it’s quieter and doesn’t impact me, but it’s always there. No one is immune to fear, it’s just how we manage it. So, if fear is gripping you and controlling your decisions and life more than it should be, you have to re-focus. Instead of staring at the fear, thinking about it all the time, take action. Take one small action, one small step forward.

For me, sometimes it’s doing a little research or reading an article about something. Maybe it’s sitting down and forecasting your finances to make you feel better about a financial decision. Instead of focusing on the fear, identify it, and then identify actions that you can take towards it. The thing about fear is that it looks much bigger from a distance, but as we move towards it, it tends to get smaller and smaller. What can you do today to take action towards your fear?