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CEO, public speaker, author, podcast host, and thought leader Jaime Taets is uniquely qualified to address this internal culture crisis. With over 20 years in corporate culture, 13 of which were spent leading large-scale global transformations at Cargill, one of the largest privately held corporations in the world, Jaime has honed the craft of bringing leaders and their people together for a unified goal. And it is with that leadership mindset that she formed Keystone Group International in 2013.

As Chief Vision Officer and Founder of Keystone Group International, Jaime and her team focus on leadership development, organizational strategy, growth, and change. What drives their work with clients is her belief that strong leadership and a change-resilient culture are the foundation for sustainable growth. Harnessing her experience leading thousands of executives and hundreds of companies on their large growth plans, she inspires real and sometimes challenging discussions about the crossroads between high-performance and healthy change.

Bridging the Gap Between Leaders & Employees for a NEW Future

Leaders in every organization are tired. Global issues are now affecting companies of every size, and retention and engagement are critical issues on every leader’s mind. Add to that the daily rigors of managing risk and growth and it’s easy to see why many great leaders have stepped down due to stress and uncertainty. On the flip side, employees are also struggling with the stress of varying levels of uncertainty, more work, and transactional exchanges that leave them wondering if they are being valued.



  • Challenge assumptions about what leaders believe their employees want and learn tactics to drive a different stream of employee engagement conversation
  • Identify communication tools and approaches to empower employees to share their perspectives and needs in a productive and effective way
  • Dispel specific myths that are making the divide wider between leaders and employees
  • Better align the prevailing thinking of leadership and employees and to create a culture of partnership and change


● Bridging the Gap Between Business Needs & Human Needs to Create Growth
● Leaders & Employees, The Shared Responsibility in Driving Engagement & Performance
● Conscious Leadership: Bridging the Frustration Gap Between Leaders and Their Employees
Corporate Training

Jaime’s priority is helping people achieve success through authenticity and accountability and has made it her life’s work.

“Jaime has the superpower to build speedy trust with a large group of people. The engagement level during our session was outstanding, and it was all thanks to Jaime, with her masterful facilitation, story-telling and impactful vulnerability.”

Alicia P., VP of Technology, Starkey Hearing Technologies

“Jaime has been instrumental with MLCV and other organizations strengthening a culture of servant leadership. To strengthen a culture as such, she has had leaders dig deep into where are they on the line of manager v leader.  Jaime calls out their superpowers and how they can strengthen those to maximize results. Jaime has been a speaker at both our Mille Las Corporate Ventures Leadership Conference and our National Leadership Development Conference due to the very high marks audiences of over 400 leaders have given her as making an impact on their knowledge, skills, and overall development.”

Andrea B., Mille Las Corporate Ventures

“Jaime is an engaging and dynamic speaker. After I heard her Beyond the Paycheck presentation during the MN/Dakotas ESOP Chamber meeting, I communicated the eye opening statistics, anecdotes and ideas to my HR team, Leadership Team, Board of Directors and even women in the locker room at my gym! Specifically on why employees leave companies, how to get employees to stay, how to assess our current state, and how to create a roadmap for success by thinking outside the box.”

Chelsey P., Director, Human Resources, North Country Business Products, Inc

“Jaime is highly engaging, thought-provoking, and inspiring. Her insights truly help leaders and organizations become more effective.”

Brian L., President, Performance Excellence Network
“Jaime brings a thoughtful, engaging, and honest approach when peeling back the layers in understanding oneself and those reasons we are not able to move ahead toward success. She creates a space of acceptance and openness where opportunities to share and collaborate take hold. With her inspirational words and guidance from the pages of You Are Here, the path to true growth reveals itself and begins.” 
Nancy K., Director of Training & Development, Title Trademark Services

“I attended Jaime’s presentation, and I loved every minute of it for several reasons, but her vulnerable and authentic delivery style resonated well with me. I was so motivated leaving her session that I went home and acted on a big goal I have.  Jaime helps leaders push fear aside and focus on driving forward.”

Liz Grussing, Sales Consultant, Insperity