Take a moment to think about the first time you tried a new job or hobby-how many questions did you have at that moment? When you start something new, you’re full of curiosity and questions that fuel you to keep learning and maybe feel a little uncomfortable. Do you feel like that about something now? Or are you stuck in comfort? The more you see yourself as an expert in a specific topic or activity, the more you stay in your comfort and safe zone. You close your mind to new possibilities and stop being curious about what things are changing or what more you can learn.

Keeping a beginner’s mindset will help you stay open to new opportunities and possibilities. You may even become interested in topics that you never thought of. A beginner’s mindset can also help you have fewer assumptions about how things should be. Being curious can free you from judgments and preconceptions, forming even stronger relationships with the people around you.

Try these 3 tips to keep a beginner’s mindset:

  • Let go of fear.

Fear may stop you from jumping into the unknown.  With a beginner’s mindset, you will appreciate everything you don’t know. The curiosity you feel will push you to be more motivated, and even when you make mistakes, you will be taking those lessons to do better.

  • Let go of preconceptions.

Whether you’re going into a meeting or starting a new activity, let go of the preconceptions you may have. Walk into every situation with an open mind. Acknowledge what is happening and what the people around you are saying.

    • What were your thoughts at the moment?
    • What are you learning?
    • What were the key learning points?
    • What did you take away?
  • Let go of trying to be an expert.

It’s okay not to have the answers to everything! Many people struggle with not being an expert. Sometimes not having all the answers can help us learn and grow.  Instead of attempting to be an expert, try to understand how or why someone sees things differently. Doing so can help you shift your perspective.

Embrace the opportunity to learn something every day.