Too often, people play down their accomplishments and milestones because they are not big enough or special enough in their minds. We’ve all gotten lost in the success and accomplishments of others while ignoring our own. Society can impact the way you judge what accomplishments should be celebrated loudly. It can be difficult to break away from these judgments and the rules of who gets to be proud of their success and who should be working a little harder. However, the milestones that you accomplish are what make who you are, and they help build you- and you are someone special.

Start playing big and play loud! Own who you are and be proud of what you do, even the mistakes. Your mistakes help you learn and grow into a better you. Acknowledging the work that you do, just like you acknowledge the work of the people who inspire you. So, how do you start doing this?

  1. Stand in the present.

One of our biggest mistakes is playing down a win and moving on with our day. Instead, you should start taking in the small wins now and realizing their significance. For example, you may not realize that running for an hour every day is making a difference in your life. You may think that an hour is not much, but in doing so, you’ve already managed to stay on track with your goal, you worked out, and even if you dreaded running-you got yourself to do it.

  1. Stop pressuring yourself.

Pressure can become your enemy in appreciating the work you do. Whether you are pressuring yourself to do more or pressuring yourself to be at the same spot as a peer or friend. Doing this can distract you from your real goal, and ultimately you will end up feeling lost.

  1. Shift your perspective. 

Shifting your perspective is key in changing how you see your accomplishments and goals. Remember progress over progression. To keep ourselves motivated, we need positive feedback and acknowledgments. Enjoy the journey to the end goal!

Learning to celebrate the small wins will motivate you to reach success and your end goals. Play big and play loud– there is no reason to be quiet about your milestones!