“Stop worrying your mind about them and focus on yourself.”

Many of you have goals that you want to accomplish but get too distracted and unmotivated to finish them. There are many reasons why you may lose focus and motivation, such as your family, the news, society, work, etc. Learning how to stay focused in the moment will make your journey easier:

Give yourself time and space away from the things that will distract or discourage you from what it is that you are trying to accomplish. It is easier said than done, but here are three things you should do when you are trying to keep yourself focused:

1. Breathe: 

Take a moment to breathe silently and sit with your thoughts. Allowing yourself to breathe will calm you down. Take this time to give yourself some rest and let ideas/thoughts come to you. Doing this will help bring the clarity to what you are trying to accomplish at that specific moment.

2. Concentrate: 

Write down what you are trying to achieve. When you begin to lose focus, go back to what you wrote down and use this to keep yourself grounded. Whether it’s going for a 30-minute run or reading a paragraph for the book you’re trying to finish, stay accountable and concentrated.

3. Tune Out the Noise: 

The opinions and feelings of others can sometimes cause harm when it comes to your journey, but sometimes it can be you who’s causing damage. You may be focusing on how far ahead others are compared to you. Stay confident about the journey that you are on and the progress that you are making. Don’t compare yourself, and don’t react to discouraging comments!