Did you accomplish the last goal(s) that you set for yourself? A lot of us may think back and say no. Life is hard, and there are moments when it feels more demanding than others. The path to our accomplishing our goals will never be perfect, but we can do things that will help us stay consistent and motivated.

I want to share three tips to help you become committed to your goals:

  1. Create an Action Plan 

Make a plan to help you achieve your goals. Think about the steps and resources you need to be successful. Focus on including one thing in your daily routine that will help you reach your goals. Remember-progression, not perfection! No matter how small the step may feel, that is progress. Make sure to think through obstacles that you may encounter in your journey and what steps you would take to overcome them. If we think through them ahead of time, we will be more prepared to fight through them.

  1. Hold Yourself Accountable 

Motivation can be difficult, especially when you feel like there is no progress. Accountability will help you stay on track, so make a contract with yourself. Make sure to include important dateswriting in a planner (start/due date), your action plan, small goals to break down the bigger goal, and why this goal is meaningful. Whenever you’re starting to feel stuck or unmotivated, look back at this contract and remind yourself why you’re doing it. Make sure to find an accountability partner, someone you can trust to check in with you to make sure you’re staying on track with your goals.

  1. Keep Yourself Inspired 

Accomplishing your goals does not have to be a solo journey! If you’re afraid to ask others for help, use other resources to keep you focused, motivated, and inspired. There are other people with similar journeys as you, you need to feel comfortable enough to ask for help or to use other resources such as podcasts and blogs to help keep you motivated. Make sure to tune in to my SuperPower Success Podcast, where I talk with a diverse group of people to discuss their journeys, mistakes, and accomplishments in their personal success journeys.

To reach your goals and feel fulfilled, you need to stay committed to yourself. The highs and lows of your journey will be your most significant teachers.

What goal will you commit to next?