As leaders in personal and professional life, we are always solving problems and helping others with what they need. One thing that we often neglect is our clarity and mental resilience. Over the last year, all of us have had additional issues, obstacles, and challenges placed on us.

Have you increased the time that you spend finding clarity to move forward?

I know my answer – no. I have increased the challenges and decreased my time for clarity and deeper thinking. This approach has not served me or the people around me. I am exhausted – mentally, physically, and emotionally.  The solution for this is to give me time for clarity. This looks different for all of us, I use meditation as part of my clarity, but I’m also carving out more downtime. I give myself time for my brain to rest and I allow my subconscious to come forward with different solutions. It’s not easy though- I am a business owner with four teenagers and a husband who is involved in my community.

Where do I find time for clarity when I’m supporting everyone else?

I have done a complete mental shift and taken a step back to reflect on what I could do for myself. Not having enough “time” for clarity is not my issue, it’s that I’m making poor choices with my time. I’m not prioritizing the things I need and then I’m making excuses that I don’t have time. We are all given the same 24 hours each day and we all have the power to make choices on how we spend that time.

We need to make smarter choices because time is our most precious commodity. What I have learned is that there are tasks and people who do not deserve my valuable time right now. I am choosing to re-prioritize; I am choosing me so that I can be the best version of me for everyone else who needs me. I want to challenge you to find those things – tasks, people, activities that are not serving you anymore, and make a choice to de-prioritize them in favor of time for clarity – time for you to rest, repair, and solve the issues that are getting in your way.

Self-care is about choosing to put yourself and your mental health first. It’s not selfish- it’s selfless because it is the only way that we give everyone else in our lives what they need – when we are on top of our own mental game.

You have the power of choice every day. Choose wisely.